The Latest Techniques Used To Photograph Weddings

Pinterest and Instagram are making photographers step up their game.  With so many fun new ways to capture the bridal party in funny, cute or even sexy shots the challenge is on for brides!  Everyone wants that photo that causes everyone to stop and say “I wish I had done that!”

In addition to sharing these photos on your many social sites, you still want to create a traditional wedding album.  It’s a tradition that has truly lasted the test of time and it still inspires women to sit down with a glass of wine and remember their magical day.

With technology rampant in our lives, it’s no surprise that drones have made their way into weddings. These flying cameras offer a chance to take aerial shots that will add a unique touch to customized wedding photo albums. They are also a great way to photograph the layout of the venue and group shots that are sure to fit all of your guests—no matter how many people are in attendance.

For one-of-a-kind pictures and videos from the dance floor think GoPro. These tiny cameras give the newlyweds and their guests a chance to record the joy and fun of the reception. GoPros’ unique shots will capture the experience your guests had. 

Have you heard of the Lytro Illum? It’s a light field camera that shoots “living photos” or 2D and 3D animations that shift focus as you watch. Create your own wedding album with this innovative camera that will give you the most remarkable wedding photos around.

Once you’ve captured the most brilliant and moving photos, it’s time for InMotion Albums.

These albums are a truly unique way to look back on the big day. With plenty of space for photos and innovative technology that also incorporates videos of your vows and first dance, InMotion Albums will transport you back to that special day with the turn of a page. While they’re not yet available, they’ll be launching soon so join the newsletter or reach out to find out how you can start making yours soon.