Rethinking the Baby Book—Tips for Creating a Keepsake That Truly Captures Your Child’s First Year

Your baby’s first year will be one of the most special times of your life. Each and every milestone should be cherished and celebrated, and you'll want to document those occasions. Baby memory books allow you to capture those touching memories, and they also let you express both your creativity and your excitement about your newest addition to the family. While you can find typical, scripted baby books at your local stationary store, the InMotion Albums team wants to give you some useful ideas to ensure that you craft a unique baby memory book. We want your book to truly capture all of those amazing moments so that you can always look back on that first year as a time of joy and magic. Here are some ideas to get started on planning that special keepsake: 

* Think outside of the baby-book box, and check out our upcoming hybrid photo book. This innovative product combines a paper-based photo book with a digital screen, making it one, seamless product that works together with revolutionary page sync technology. Along with all of those photos and memories, you can also include videos or digital images.

Imagine seeing that very first photo alongside a short video of your baby’s first cry!

* Remember to take monthly pictures to document growth and development. Many moms stage a small scene with a sign in the photo to identify each month. You can use these photos at the start of each section much like a chapter title. 

* We all want to document those major milestones like first steps, baptisms, and first holidays but don’t neglect those day-to-day moments as well. That messy face covered in baby food or the epic tantrum face will help you remember those simple joys that made up that first year. When you compile your photo book, you may be surprised at how drawn you are to those impromptu photos. 

* Make a photo goal/bucket list before your baby even arrives. Those first few months often pass quickly, and you’ll be overwhelmed with adjusting to your precious new life. You may miss out on taking the photos you wanted, simply because you forgot during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. By keeping a list of any special goals, you’ll never miss out on those photo opportunities. 

* While you may not have time to thoroughly journal throughout the year, try to take the time to jot down dated notes of events you’ll want to remember later. For example, if you take a perfect picture at the park that you know you’ll include in your future baby book, jot down or add to your smart phone "notes" a quick note about it. A simple where, when, who was present, and any other notes will help you better organize your baby photo album book later. 

Our InMotion Albums team encourages you to let your personalized baby memory book be a true reflection of both your baby and your own motherhood journey. To learn more about our products, sign-up for our newsletter today at