Rethinking Memory Keeping—How InMotion Albums is Answering the Call for a New Way to Share Your Photos and Videos

From Facebook and Instagram, Twitter to blogs, we’ve taken to storing our photos and memories completely on our digital devices. We post them out into the internet ether, quickly to be forgotten as soon as new information pops into our news feeds. While the internet offers us unparalleled connectivity with far away friends, many of us feel increasingly disconnected from our own authentic experiences. We long for those tangible letters, journals, and photographs that give us both the visual and tactile connections to our memories. In the past, scrapbook photo albums were cherished for their ability to collect special moments that could be passed down or shared beyond the next viral video. While a photo album scrapbook offers a way to capture our photos, it still doesn’t allow us to include all of those digital media that have become such a cornerstone of the way we document our experiences. 

That’s why the InMotion Albums’ team is working to develop a product that combines the best of both worlds: a paper-based, personalized scrapbook album that includes your photos, but also contains a digital feature for showcasing videos and similar media. We believe this product will truly revolutionize the way you approach your memory keeping. Just imagine the creative books you could make:

  • A compilation of memories from your baby’s first year, including adorable photos and short videos of those milestones.
  • A travel diary that provides an immersive experience. Capture your favorite photos, and see them right alongside the special videos of your most memorable moments.
  • A personalized photo journal that simply acts as an avenue for your own creative expression. 
  • A graduation keepsake that includes past school pictures, as well as video of performances or other special moments.
  • An anniversary gift celebrating the highlights of a beautiful marriage.

InMotion Albums believes that you can find a better synthesis between digital and print media when it comes to capturing your precious memories.

As we move forward with our product development, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter for the latest information. Join us as we transform photo albums into a truly immersive experience that captivates and excites.