Planning a Baby Shower? Tips for a Successful and Memorable Affair Mom-to-Be Will Cherish

If you’re hosting a baby shower for a friend or loved one, you know just how exciting and special this event feels to the guest of honor. Celebrating a new life gives family and friends the opportunity to share in the joy, while also helping the mom-to-be. For you, this event allows you to embrace your creativity and imagination. Pinterest offers plenty of visual inspiration, crafts, and unique ideas, and you can also bring your own personal touch to the party. However, as you embark on your planning process, here are some additional ideas not only for a successful party, but also for capturing memories that your guest of honor will cherish:

  • First, we all know that RSVPs have become a hit-or-miss courtesies in recent years. However, you can help boost your chances for responses by including an email address or cell number for texting. People are much more inclined to send a quick, digital response than to make the time for a phone call if they feel too busy.
  • Consult with the honoree about key details such as games or other sometimes sensitive topics. You want her to feel comfortable and happy at your event, and while you are ultimately the hostess, you want to set up an event that will create cherished memories.
  • You will probably be so busy hosting that you should ask a friend or family member to be the event photographer. You’ll value those pictures, and can use them to craft a baby shower photo album as a keepsake for both mom and baby. Likewise, find an additional person to help document baby shower presents so that thank you notes proceed seamlessly afterward. 
  • Consider unique photo opportunities that go beyond the traditional shower photos. Generational photos, a wacky photo booth, or even just a candid photo of the mom-to-be helps build memories she will cherish. 
  • One creative trend encourages guests to bring a recipe or write down their best parenting advice as a collective baby shower gift. You could turn this tradition on its head by asking guests to write down their funny, not-so-proud parenting moments in a journal. When the new mom faces those long nights or hard days, she’ll have fun memories to turn to and remind herself that every mother simply does her best, even on those not-so-glorious days.

However you proceed, InMotion Albums encourages you to enjoy your baby shower planning, and let your creativity shine.

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