Photographs Last The Test Of Time

In a world where so much is done electronically on our many gadgets and devices, wouldn’t it be nice to pick up a book once in a while? Or flip through real photographs and see the texture and feelings captured?

Photographs offer the kind of tangible and nostalgic viewing experience we enjoy most about looking through our memories.  Photographs give us important physical records that our children and future generations can look back to remember and share.

On the other hand, many people these days take and store digital images never printing a single photograph. Never printing your finest, most beautiful and memorable images can mean losing benefits you earned by capturing the moment in the first place.  Printed photographs offer worthwhile benefits that digital images simply cannot match. 

Digital images offer a myriad of useful benefits like instant and convenient viewing and sharing options to social media, and seemingly limitless storage capabilities. Unfortunately, digital images are often buried in volumes of content.  And looking through someone else’s phone or computer can feel prying and awkward. 

Sharing a printed photograph is not only more enjoyable and comfortable it can help people including family members talk and connect.  Printed photographs deliver on image quality including vivid color and depth that can invoke joy, nostalgia and even forgiveness from hardship.

Take time this week to print pictures that you really care about.  Keep them safe by storing them in a photo album. You will be happy you did.

Here are the best ways to print your photos so you can create your own photo album.

  • Prynt: Designed as a phone case, just slip your smartphone into the Prynt case, snap a photo and print it out. The magic of the system lies in the ZINK paper, making it an inkless printer, and you can order refills through the app. Prynt makes it extremely easy to print on the go and share your photos with friends and family.
  • Polaroid Zip Instant Printer: Another mobile printer is Polaroid’s Zip, an instant printer that is actually designed for photo printing and uses the same ZINK paper as the Prynt case. But the paper for the Polaroid printer includes a peel-off back that can turn any photo into a sticker.
  • Shutterfly: Shutterfly is a fast and simple website for ordering printed photos, and their simple and user-friendly mobile app makes ordering fast and surprising enjoyable.  They offer customizable options for photo size and finish, and they often host sales for 101 free prints for repeat customers.

Once you have printed your favorite photos, take a few minutes to place them in a photo album. You don’t have to stop there!  Now consider taking your photo album a step further by adding your digital images and videos.  InMotion Albums makes this possible!

InMotion is a photo album that let's you combine your finest printed photos, digital images, and videos in a compact book.  InMotion offers the only album with super thick pages for your printed memories alongside a high-definition digital display for all your digital photos and videos. You can now experience your printed memories in a better way without giving up seeing your digital media as well.

InMotion Albums is a revolutionary photo album you and your family will enjoy viewing again and again.

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