Photo Books For Teaching — Creative Ideas to Help Your Child Learn and Grow

In our incredibly screen-driven lives, parents struggle to keep their children's environments balanced and educational. We want them to reconnect to the physical aspects of learning and unplug from so many electronics. On the other hand, we also know that electronic learning tools can be useful. And to compound our concerns, we are learning more about how some children face sensory challenges in their development, and need a more hands-on approach to visual learning. 

One creative solution used more and more by parents includes using and creating photo books to help their children learn.

Photo books offer endless applications, such as:

·       An alphabet book for preschool-age children. You can capture photos of everyday objects they interact with, or you can capture your child performing an action related to the corresponding letter. For example, take a photo of your child jumping, and create a “J” page using this picture.

·       A sight words book. Both kindergarten and first-grade teachers agree that sight word proficiency represents an essential skill for reading skill development. By using photos from your child’s familiar surroundings, you will help him or her make those visual connections.

·       A family book. When your family lives far away, it can be difficult for your child to retain those connections, especially at a young age. You can give them a beautiful way to recognize and remember those relatives, thereby preserving their memories and encouraging relationships. These books can also be an excellent way to maintain memories for a child with a deployed parent, and for the deployed parent to share experiences with the child.

·       Class projects. Elementary age children often face the challenge of numerous class projects. Could they make a photo book for one that shows off their creativity?

·       A shapes and colors book. When you create your own photo book for your preschooler, you can provide him or her a tactile way to learn these basics that engages them on each and every page.

InMotion Albums knows just how powerful digital influences can be on our children. However, we also know that people crave a return to the feelings they receive from physical books and photographs. That’s why we are developing the first hybrid print and digital photo book. We believe that our products will make a great teaching tool.  

InMotion Albums will begin pre-sales October, 2016!  Please visit us again at to learn more about our revolutionary print plus digital books.

Kristin Miller