How to Keep Your Devices Charged While Traveling

Imagine a day without your phone?  Feel a little nervous?  Most of us can’t imagine getting by without it.  Especially when you are on the road.  How else can you check the time, look up nearby restaurants and activities, get directions, purchase admission tickets, showcase boarding passes, capture photos of the sights and maybe a selfie or two.

But then, it happens.  The dreaded low battery.  That little low battery icon strikes fear in the hearts of people daily.  Especially when you are sightseeing and know there is much more to capture.

Try these methods out on your phone next time you take to the sky or hit the road.

  • Car chargers: If you’re traveling by car, a car charger can be a lifesaver. While you’re out adventuring and coming up with travel photo book ideas, keep your battery charged. Whether you’re at a roadside attraction or in a famous national park, you’ll want your phone ready for each and every snapshot along the way.
  • Portable chargers: When you’re on the go, there’s no better way to keep your phone charged than with a portable charger. Just charge it up before you head out and when your phone or tablet starts running low on battery, hook it up to the charger via a USB cord. Quick, easy and definitely handy for travelers.
  • Solar powered bags: Use solar energy to charge your devices with products like the SunnyBAG or BirkSun solar backpacks. With built-in solar panels, just let the sunlight hit the bag as you wander then connect your phone or tablet to convert that light into electricity.
  • Charging purses: If there isn’t enough sunlight to use a solar powered bag, you can try a charging purse like Everpurse. These bags sit on a rechargeable mat—no cords involved. Return your phone to full battery just by slipping it into the SmartPocket.

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