Creating Lasting Memories Starts With Rethinking Your Travel Goals

If you ask your friends and family what their favorite travel memories are from a particular destination, you may be surprised to find that few say those ultra-popular tourist hotspots. For many of us, the most enriching travel experiences come from those off-the-beaten path places, or unplanned experiences that truly immersed us in the local culture of our destinations. For example, if you asked visitors of Paris whether the Eiffel Tower defined their trip experience, you may be more likely to hear all about that hidden café where they indulged in the best meal of their lives. 

As you plan your next travel adventure, consider what types of experiences you most want to have. Do you want your vacation photo album to be a compilation of notable landmarks, or a reflection of the rich culture that transformed the way you see that part of the world? Maybe you want to find the balance between both of these goals, and craft a vacation experience that leaves you feeling re-energized and fulfilled.

However you plan your travel adventure, remember to capture images that will build your travel scrapbook album. That way, you always have a way to reconnect with those memories. While you want to get shots of those breathtaking landscapes, remember to also seize opportunities to commemorate the small moments that will stay with you. For example, that perfect dessert, the new friend you meet, or even just your toes in the sand of a new ocean make perfect snapshots for your travel photo album scrapbook. While you savor your vacation, you’ll also build your personal archive so that your best memories are always at your fingertips.

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