Celebrate Milestone Birthdays with Creative Custom Photo Books

Milestone birthdays represent an opportunity to celebrate a lifetime of memories and accomplishments. If you’re helping a loved one celebrate a birthday milestone, and are at a loss for gift ideas, a custom birthday photo album offers the perfect way to gather images and memories into a treasured keepsake that the recipient will truly appreciate. However, when you create custom photo books for birthdays, how do you gather and organize those photos into one cohesive book that looks and feels the way you want?

Check out these ideas for customizing the perfect birthday photo book:

  • When it comes to gathering photos, reach out to friends, family members, or spouses so that you gather the most diverse pool of photos possible. You can even ask the guest of honor, but you may have to come up with a creative reason for doing so if you want to keep your album as a surprise gift.
  • Think about your layout. Do you want photos to progress chronologically in your book, or would you rather group them by “moments,” like vacations, special events, birthdays, weddings, or other milestones. Approach your photo book like a story, and just like any author, you need an outline before you can bring the whole project together.
  • Many photo books offer the ability to include text, so consider adding memories, well-wishes, memorable quotes, or even just dates for the photos.
  • Decide on a theme before you start. Do you want your book to be a humorous retrospective that includes good-natured fun, or are you looking to create more of a lasting document of your family’s history that others will cherish in the future?  Your theme will help dictate both your design and your layout. 
  • Lastly, let your love and creatively shine through. Don’t put false pressure on yourself that, since this is a milestone birthday, your book has to be monumental. Your loved one will appreciate your effort, and be grateful for a memento that came from the heart.

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