Capturing Your Perfect Wedding Starts With Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

Your wedding marks one of the biggest milestones of your life, and you want a photographer who can capture it perfectly. However, with so many unpleasant reviews floating around about wedding photographers, how do you find and select the talented professional you need?  How do you find the talented and professional wedding photographer whose photos will help you create your own wedding photo album exactly the way you want? 






Here are some tips to ensure you end up with a talented and professional wedding photographer:

  • Maintain a fair idea of how much quality wedding photography really costs, and what is included.  Undervaluing photography services is not uncommon.  At the same time, it is also not uncommon to find many overestimate what is included in their photography packages. 


  • Take some extra time to search and contact references. You want to hear about your photographer from past clients, so ask around for recommendations and check for reviews on the Internet.


  • Request to see both staged and candid shots from past weddings. Some photographers excel at those perfectly staged photos, but take poor event photos, and vice versa. If capturing those candid shots is important, don’t hire a photographer based on their staged portfolio alone.


  • Understand what options cost extra, like touchups or on-site travel fees. If your photographer has to travel to a local attraction or park for your session, they may charge a fee to recoup fuel expenses in addition to their time. A good photographer is upfront about additional costs.


  • Make sure your contract covers refund policies, timelines for delivery, etc. Verbal promises mean nothing if you don’t have them in writing. 


  • If you have a photo-savvy relative, ask if they are willing to bring a camera just in case something happens to your photographer and they don’t make it to your wedding.  Because worst case scenarios do happen, having a back up plan is critical. 


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