Capture Your Child’s Memories in the Most Unique Photo Book Ever!

While the digital age has given us a plethora of platforms for capturing our children’s milestones, so many images, videos, and memories never make it beyond our hard drives. Although we often share images and stories through our personal blogs or social media, they quickly fade into the internet ether. The Internet connects us in incredibly unique ways, but we’ve also grown to live more “in-the-moment,” leaving all of those pictures and experiences behind as vulnerable digital files. However, just as we are seeing a resurgence of print versus digital books, we’re finding that parents want a more tangible way to capture special moments such as baptisms, birthday parties, and all of those important firsts. 

It is well known that many other sites offer users the opportunity to make a photo book, they still offer an experience that feels fairly one dimensional. For example, can those books capture your baby’s infectious laugh, or her first school recital? In our digitally driven world, even the best custom photo books fail to truly tell your child’s story in the most complete way possible. The InMotion Albums team understands that you want to preserve those precious memories, which is why we are developing our hybrid photo books that allow you to blend both your photographs, digital images, and videos into one unique package. 

Imagine creating a unique baby photo album book in which you can see those adorable first pictures, turn the page, and view a video clip of his precarious first steps.

InMotion Albums combines the best synthesis of print and digital media so that your photo books provide a true snapshot of your child’s adventures. Not only will your photos and videos be available at your fingertips, but you’ll also get them out of your hard drive so they aren’t sitting forgotten in your computer or tablet.

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