Four Ways to Grow Your Photography Business from Amateur to Professional

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Are you an amateur photographer ready to take your passion to the next level? A career in photography can be one of the most diverse and creative opportunities, and you want to help families capture precious memories through your talent.

While you’ve refined your skills, you still need to build a client -base to support your fledgling business. Your approach to marketing should target families of all ages, special events, and most importantly, weddings. The following are four ways you can boost your photography career.

1. Clearly message your features, advantages and benefits:

Corporate sales executives use the term FAB when describing how they sell. The FABs are Feature, Advantage, and Benefit. On your website, email marketing, social media, etc., make your FABs clear. What do you offer that is different? What techniques do you employ and how are they better than your competition? How does your work benefit your client better than your competitors? When your messaging sets you apart from all the other photographers by the unique and exceptional advantages you offer, you will grow your client base and your work.

2. Grow Your Visibility:

Make your photography visible at key locations where you want to specialize. Don’t be afraid to enter contests and events to get your work seen. Reach out to budding small businesses in your industry that could use your photography in their marketing. For example, a new business selling wedding flowers may be willing to use your wedding photography on their website if you supplied the image for free asking only for name recognition on their site. New companies are often looking to save wherever they can.

Guest blog often. Ask to blog on other popular photography sites including your best work to showcase your talents. When you’re asking to guest blog, make sure to mention other blogs on the site you enjoyed reading, and why you’re writing will benefit their blog. You’ll reach a new audience this way!

Choose educational blog topics, and pack them full of real information. Your readers are looking for something useful, and they’re not going to be satisfied with a few sentences under 500 words. Research the latest in digital imaging, find as much information as you can about that product including it’s benefits and pitfalls. Write at least 1200 words to provide as much useful information as succinctly as possible. Write about it! Go Pro Cameras are a great blog topic, for example, because while people love the idea of them, many are not sure how to use them and what makes their basic camera features better.

3. Attend a Workshop:

Back up a second. This article aims to provide helpful information on starting your professional photography career, and it goes without say that any professional starting a business should write a business plan before launching and spending money on a website or attending workshops for the purpose of driving the business. If you haven’t written a business plan, or you don’t know how, try Live Plan at

Okay back to #3: Attend a Workshop. Using your business plan, narrow down what type of photography you want to focus or specialize in (remember you want to set yourself apart with specialized skills), then go to work looking online for a credible, quality workshop that can show you skills you have already identified you need to develop better like expert techniques in ISO, aperture, and white balance. 

Question: Before taking a workshop for your business, why do you need to first identify the skills your business lacks or needs to improve upon? 

Answer: Because you want the workshop to fine tune the skills you need for the business plan you have already thought about and planned out. If you attend the workshop expecting the class to show you what type of photography business you should develop, and the skills you need to deploy that service, then you’re setting yourself to lose sight of your goals. One of your goals is to become a professional, and as a professional, you are focused on leading your business.

4. Deliver Your Images In a Revolutionary New Photo Album:

Setting yourself apart from competitors is a common key to success for every professional photographer. Some photographers offer their images in custom photo albums or hand crafted memory boxes. Cypress Albums in Los Angeles works exclusively with photographers to provide their handmade albums with professional photography. The combination is extraordinary.

Now there is a completely new and revolutionary photo album entering the market in 2017. InMotion Albums is a new kind of album that lets you include printed pictures as well as digital images and videos, and all in the same beautifully bound photo album. Each page is engineered with page detection technology letting users sync their printed photos with their digital images and videos. Check out to learn more.

Using InMotion Albums in your photography packages will make your photography business stand out. You will be able to offer a revolutionary experience that your competitors may not yet know about! You clients will love seeing their printed photos with their digital images and videos. They will have fun turning the pages and watching their digital images turn with their pictures and keepsakes.

At InMotion Albums, we understand how important it is for you to put your best foot and portfolio forward. This is why we provide unique wedding albums for photographers. We can help you make an incredible first impression that showcases your talent at its best.

Rather than a basic portfolio, a high-quality wedding photo book will give your potential clients an immersive experience that lets them see both your technical skill and creativity. They can also see the cohesive quality that runs through all of your work, which will boost their confidence in your skills. Our unique albums blend both a paper book with a digital screen so that you can create a presentation that will truly wow your clients. Your goal, when crafting a luxury wedding photo book, is to highlight the diversity of your work, including both posed images and action shots from events. Bridal clients want to know that they are investing in a photographer who they can trust, and who really has the level of professionalism needed to capture their special day.

As you move forward with your business, don’t forget to utilize social media and references to help you gain recognition, and continue to build and refine your portfolio. Remember that InMotion Albums can craft a product that will gain your immediate interest and engagement, and may just be the tipping point for landing that new client. To stay up-to-date on release dates, sign up for our newsletter today!

Kristin Miller