The Best Video Cameras For Capturing Moments With Baby

The best baby memory books have one thing in common—outstanding photos that truly capture the special moments in baby’s life. In order to make a photo book with everything you want, you’ll need to keep your eyes and cameras open. As a new parent, that can be difficult. There are diapers to change, baby food and bottles to prepare and toys to put away.

Don’t let these tasks keep you from capturing the little moments that make a unique baby photo album book. With advancements in technology, you can find gadgets that will help you make these moments part of your baby memory book. With InMotion Albums, you can create scrapbooks filled with video clips as well as photos. Here are some of the best products to consider for catching baby’s best moments:

·      meMINI: This little wearable HD camera can attach to your clothes with a magnet so you’re free to use your hands for more important things, and this is always nice when you’re a mom. Instead of worrying about capturing moments, focus on your little one and use a smart phone app to recall past moments captured by the meMINI. You can save the videos and add them to your InMotion Album.

·      GoPro: Because the GoPro series is so durable, it’s a great way to capture video with baby in tow. In fact, capture unique angles or activities by handing the camera off to baby (after turning it on, of course) and letting them film. Making your baby the videographer will produce fun videos with new perspectives you’ll want to share and revisit often. 

·      Keera PTZ Baby Monitor: The Keera PTZ baby monitor by Levana is perfect for recording video to use in a unique baby photo album book. This little gadget comes with built-in photo and video capturing. It is great for filming all those fun moments your babysitter tells you about.

These fun and useful video cameras can be used to capture special memories that you can relive often.  For the first time, you can now add these video memories with your baby’s pictures and their digital images to the revolutionary touch and feel InMotion baby memory books.

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