The Best Travel Destinations For Photographers

Photographers produce images that delight and thrill their audience, and especially when their audience is a close friend or family member. Travel images offer a rare way to capture beauty, culture, and history.  At the same time, travel images inspire nostalgia and wanderlust. A great way to capture and safely save exceptional and often expensive travel experiences is to make a photo book.

A photographer’s dream portfolio includes popular travel destinations where Mother Nature’s beauty is unusually rare.  Those destinations lend themselves to perfect travel photo book ideas.  When making your perfect travel book, choose the places that inspire you, that fit your budget, and that offer the climate, history and cultures that interest you most.  When you are presented with the exciting and fortunate opportunity to travel, remember to pack your back-up drive.  The images you capture during your travels will be worth keeping for generations.

1. The Tropics

Popular tropical destinations offer stunning views for capturing world-class images. Hawaii, Bali, Bora Bora, and the Caribbean are brimming with pristine sand, turquoise water, and lush green palm trees set beneath limitless blue skies. Toss in the pinks, oranges and purples during a beach sunrise and sunset to capture and experience Mother Nature’s rare beauty.

2. Northern Pacific and Atlantic Regions

Mother Nature’s rare beauty also reaches the Northern Pacific and Atlantic regions.  Shoot extraordinary shots of migrating gray whales on the Cape Chiniak Trail on Kodiak Island in Alaska.  In the same day, head over to Kodiak’s Frazer Lake to capture bears in their natural habitat. 

If you’re traveling through Northern Europe, budget a trip to Bergen, Norway to join a Fjord tour.  Bergan tours will guide you to the most famous cliffs in the world.  Extend your stay just a few days, and you may capture Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).  Most clearly seen at night against a dark sky, Aurora Borealis provides a unique example of how beautiful science can be.

3. Historic European Architecture

Finally, a must-mention travel destination for photographers includes historic European architecture.   Visit the Notre-Dame de Paris, a historic Catholic cathedral considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic Architecture.

Take a European train down to Barcelona to shoot Gaudi Architecture.  Gaudi’s work is admired around the world for owning the most distinctive architectural styles.  The twisted iron sculptures and the windows that appear like bones offer historical exposure as well as a breathtaking visual experience.

Perhaps the most magnificent European architecture is the ancient Roman ruins that date back to the Roman Republic and Empire.   Keep in mind the train ride from Barcelona to Rome should be traveled in two days.  Consider sight seeing through Nice and Monaco, and then Cinque Terre before heading south to Rome.  When you arrive in Rome, take your time touring the timeless city. Tour the Roman ruins including the world famous Colosseum, The Forum, Trajan’s Market, The Palatine, and The Pantheon.  Grab a coffee and toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain.  The Roman experience will stay with you for your lifetime.  Plus, photos of ancient Rome’s historical ruins will complete your photography portfolio with history, culture as well as breathtaking beauty. 

Whether your travels take you to pristine tropics, the living wild in Alaska, or timeless ancient Roman architecture, the memories you capture deserve a home in a memory book.

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