Make Your Baby Memory Book Extra Special

Baby memory books show children the way their parents viewed them. They help them see their first steps, smiles and words. Crafting original scrapbooks can be personally fulfilling, fun and exciting. While baby photos are a must have, there are other mementos you can add to make your best custom photo books

First milestones are a fun way to build your story as well as provide a nice timeline to help you recall all those moments that seem to fly by as fast as they arrive.  Making your baby memory book extra special can mean including mementos of their first tooth and first haircut. It can mean including the first tooth your child loses and a lock of hair from baby’s first haircut.  Try including a newspaper cut out from the day your little one was born, and even their teeny tiny hospital bracelet.  Including the hat your baby wore home from the hospital, your birth announcements, and even your congratulations cards from friends and family will all make your baby memory book extra special. All of these items tell a story that you and your child will enjoy revisiting in the future.

Handwritten letters offers an exceptional touch to your baby memory book. Write to your child about their milestones, the toys they chose, and those that made them laugh. Reveal your love, dedication and pride in their growth. Opening your feelings in a traditional written letter will reveal your support for your children in a way they may never know otherwise.

When you envision all the ways you can make your baby memory book extra special, imagine also adding videos of your baby taking their first steps and speaking for the first time, and all inside your baby memory book.  Only InMotion Albums gives you a media experience providing a display to play your videos and digital images alongside your pictures.  Now, for the first time ever, you can have your pictures, mementos (like your handwritten letters), alongside your digital images and even your videos.  You can have all of your memories together in your extra special baby memory book.

InMotion Albums offers unique albums to include sounds—music, voices, and singing.

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