What Is An InMotion Album And What Can It Be Used For?

The modern world is ripe with options for capturing special moments. Perhaps the most trendy way to keep those memories alive is to make a photo book. 

A variety of websites including Shutterfly and Blurb allow photo-lovers to create their own customized albums. Drop in your photos, choose the colors of the pages and begin adding charming stickers and other crafts. There is still something missing, however, because although making a photo book is fun and provides a touch and feel album to store and organize a few pictures, you can’t include everything. You can’t include the true stories your videos capture, and you can’t include all of your photos. In fact, you are limited to a small fraction of the hundreds of photos you may have on your laptop and mobile devices.

This is where InMotion Albums comes in. These innovative new photo albums offer a new way to combine printed photos with digital images and videos. Complete with a 5.5" digital HD touch screen display and custom software, InMotion albums features page detection technology that allows the creator to customize which photos and videos will play on which pages. Simply turn one of the tangible pages in the book and the digital software will turn with you. In a world filled with digital fun, this is a one-of-a-kind way to incorporate all of your digital memories into a tangible, interactive scrapbook.

You may be wondering what InMotion Albums can be used for. The answer is everything. These unique memory books can be filled with photos from any event or occasion. Here are some ideas where you can use your first InMotion Album.

  • Wedding albums: These innovative digital and print photo books make perfect wedding photo albums. Not only can you showcase your professional photos from your wedding photographer, you can also incorporate snapshots taken by friends and family on their mobile devices during the ceremony and reception. In addition, take it a step further by adding videos of your vows, first dance and cake-cutting for a unique album unlike any other. Your friends and family will be impressed by how interesting your album is over any other wedding photo album on the market.
  • Baby albums: Use InMotion Albums to create unique baby memory books! How else will you capture your baby’s first words? Their first steps? In those moments, pictures are not enough. InMotion provides a better way to remember every milestone your baby makes. You can include momentos from the hospital including the medical bracelets or a lock of hair as well as images from the baby shower. With a unique baby memory book such as this, you’ll be able to look back to see, hear, and watch those precious early years of your children’s lives.
  • Birthday albums: Whether it’s a first or fiftieth birthday, you can include in your memory book birthday videos and pictures as well as mementos from the party. Include pictures of guests, the decorations and the gifts. Include videos of the party cheering happy birthday and the guest of honor blowing out the candles. If it’s your little one’s birthday, you’ll love keeping a video of your toddler’s first encounter with frosting in their birthday photo album.
  • Travel albums: Travel scrapbook albums offer an ideal way to relive your adventures. Whether your escaping on a vacation or embarking on a cultural journey, enjoy taking photos of breathtaking sites as well as recording new sounds and true stories only videos capture, and all with a travel scrapbook album from InMotion Albums.

Every InMotion Albums comes with user-friendly, custom developed software:

The following image illustrates our fully developed website portal. Using our InMotion Albums website, you'll create your account, and upload photos and videos here. Once finished on the website, you will turn on your album with wifi, and like magic your photos and videos from this website portal will automatically transfer onto your album. It's that simple!

How can I get an InMotion album of my own?

Though not yet available, InMotion will be arriving soon!  Contact us via our website and join our newsletter to find out the latest on these innovative new photo books.