The Importance Of Custom Photo Albums

In a modern world occupied by technology and digital photography, there are many reasons to make a photo book. Photo books allow you and your family to look back on your special memories for years to come. Creating photo albums ensures your memorable moments are not lost and stand the test of time.

Because photo albums capture and preserve life’s moments, photo albums make fantastic gifts. Whether it’s a beautiful wedding, birthday party or baby shower, give your friends and family members a unique way to view their special day. The best custom photo books offer extraordinary design options.  You can customize and tailor the album to the recipient’s personality and style.  Spice it up with fun backgrounds, photo borders and stickers.

Photo albums allow you with your friends and family to browse through vivid printed photos together with a simple turn of a page, and all without awkward distractions from computers or mobile devices. At a social gathering or party, for example, waiting on your friend to click through personal files and folders on his laptop or mobile device to reach a few photos is not a comfortable experience. It’s more enjoyable and less distracting to browse through pictures in a touch and feel book.

What is the best way to make one of my own?

To make custom photo books of your own, you’ll choose a company that will print and produce your books.  Shutterfly, Blurb, and even Walmart offer this service.  

Before you make that choice, however, take your book a step further with InMotion Albums. 

Consider creating photo books with InMotion Albums

InMotion Albums offers a revolutionary hybrid album dedicated to incorporating digital media into a touch and feel book. Rather than settling for standard photo books filled with pictures, InMotion offers a hybrid print and digital album with space for your physical mementos as well as a digital display for showcasing your videos and digital images. Plus, these hybrid albums offer the best way to store digital pictures. Store directly in the album without a computer or mobile device, and store using the InMotion cloud.