Four Keys to Your Next Great Ski Vacation

Prepare Your Smart Phone

  • Bring your camera with room to shoot video. Your smart phone is enough. Winter resorts and ski towns offer spectacular photo and video opportunities (think Arendelle in Frozen). Clear some hard drive space early because shooting videos of those special “watch-me-huck-myself-over-that-awkward jump” will keep you laughing for years.

  • Take advantage of resort photographers waiting at the top of the mountain ready to shoot photos of your party. Use the resort photo apps to find your photos and share for free.

Stay Warm All Day

  • Wear a helmet. Helmets actually prevent more heat from escaping than your traditional winter beanie. Plus, a helmet doubles as critical safety gear.

  • Do not “bulk up” on thick fabric. Thick fabric may cause you to sweat. Sweat is moisture, and moisture will make you freeze.

  • Stuff hand & toe warmers in your pockets in case you need them later. Warmers are well worth the few dollars for all day comfort.

Avoid Long Lines

Next block, please:  

  • Consider dining several blocks from the restaurants edging the lifts. Shuttles are a breeze, and your dining experience is better when you have room to sit comfortably.

  • No-wait lunches. Ski resorts actually design their restaurants to destroy lines before they begin offering large walk-up ordering platforms, and endless seating options.

No Fear Parking:

  • Go the distance! Don’t hesitate to park in the free parking lots offered several miles from the lifts. You’ll walk a few steps to a shuttle that runs every five minutes to the lifts. Don’t worry, you’ll see parking signs directing you to the lots.

  • Arrive early! This ship leaves at 8:30 am!

  • Use your Gold Doubloons! If the lots are packed and your party is already begrudgingly late, then pay to park. It’s worth the extra $10 or $20 to avoid the hassle!

Single not lonely:

  • Consider the “singles” line when hopping back on the chairlift. You may not ride with your party, but the lifts are fast and you’ll spend more time with them on the slopes.

  • LOOK! Pay attention to the lines. Often one side of the line to the chairlift will fill up, and the opposite side will stay nearly empty. This happens all the time! Hop in the empty line.

  • Consider night skiing! Check online to learn if your resort offers night skiing. Did you know resorts run groomers at 3 pm to remove ice? Plus, night skiing offers unforgettable views and tranquility you never imagined you could experience on a hustle and bustle vacation.

Embrace your departure plan; yes, plan.

  • Peak travel means peak traffic, and nearly all ski vacations require some transportation by vehicle.

  • Consider working your schedule and job creatively to avoid Friday and Sunday peak travel days; or alternatively, leave Friday morning and Sunday morning.

  • If you must travel during peak days, then consider leaving the ski resort the night before lodging closer to the airport.

  • Your GPS may lie to you. Two hours to the airport may actually mean five hours, be prepared. Preparedness will make your next ski vacation great!

Kristin MillerComment