Why Independent Travel Offers the Best Internship for Would-Be Entrepreneurs

Six Ways Independent Travel Compares with the Business Start-Up Experience.  

Independent Travel 

  • You Are passionate and excited to begin your journey!
  • Work backward to plan your destinations within your timeline. For example, let’s say you are in Venice, Italy, and want to visit two landmarks before arriving at dinner by 7:30. Begin by planning backward starting at your dinner plans. Research transportation, usual landmark arrival, stay and departure lengths, and meal times. Make room for the unexpected.
  • Game Over: joining a study abroad program means losing your independent status.  
  • Stay in the game and learn from experienced travelers: It turns out that popular travel destinations, backpacking trips, and even remote travel areas have been well documented. Grab a Lonely Planet book, and begin writing bullet point stats that fit your expectations best.
  • Be prepared to get creative: Your problem solving skills will blossom during your travels allowing you to stretch your creative thoughts in ways you never thought possible. There is no way to avoid creativity when traveling because you will problem solve daily to find your next location and meal. You'll find ways to explore within your timeline and budget. Whether you mean to or not, you will benefit from thinking creativity and improving your problem solving skills.
  • Pitfalls. Wing it! The Pros do it all the time. 

Start-Up Venture

  • Like your excitement to travel, you must be passionate about your new venture!
  • Work backward to forecast sales in each quarter to reach your annual sales plan. In a restaurant start-up, for example, consider how many tables and staff you anticipate including labor and service hours. Calculate from these micro details moving outward to your routine expenses like property rents, and your general speculations about holiday traffic. Make room for the unexpected!
  • Travel by study abroad is the same as giving up your new venture to work for a corporation.
  • Stay in the game and follow experienced entrepreneurs. It turns out well-written business plans can be purchased and used as templates to write your own plan. Educate yourself by reviewing business plan templates deciding what applies to your venture and what does not. Like your travel map, build a business map with bullets.
  • Be prepared to become creative in your business! By creative, we don't mean you have to design the most revolutionary marketing plan out of the gate. When we say creative, we mean problem solve. And problem solving is fun, exciting, and challenging. You will try new approaches to your business. Some will work and some will not, and along the way your creativity will make you better in ways you never thought possible.
  • Pitfalls: Like the independent traveler, sometimes you will need to simply "wing it" when you get stuck.  The Pros do it all the time.

Enjoy! Your start-up experience and your travels are grand adventures that become great investments in yourself. 


Kristin MillerComment