How to Make Wedding Plans You’ll Love

1.  Create Your Own “Playlist” Plans.

What is that noise?

Give your family your listening ear and remain gracious as you do to hear ideas and opinions. Assimilate into your plans only the golden nuggets you love. Then, toss the rest of the opinions you don’t like or don’t find useful. Of course, you may need to compromise adding Patsy Cline or Led Zeppelin to your playlist if you’re not bearing the wedding costs. Overall, enjoy focusing your playlist on what you and your partner want.

2. Budget First, Buy Later.

Are you building a new house? 

Platform construction and balloon framing is generally not considered fun and attractive, but can be necessary steps to achieve a proper building structure. After all, you need a house before you can pick out color and fabric. On building your wedding plans, avoid magazines and inspiration boards at first.  Instead, begin on a boring, dry surface called a spreadsheet. Use the spreadsheet to fill in your budget defining any limitations want and must work under. Once you have framed your basic needs, you can now let wedding confetti fall on your phone, browser, and inboxes.

3. Use the Savvy S solution dividing by Selection, Season and Service.

Have you seen what Ikea containers can do for your closet?

Once you have compiled all the ideas you are considering, it’s time to organize them into containers on your spreadsheet. Begin dividing each idea and inspiration about your location, themes, dates, and vendors into your three categories: Selection. Season. Service. Include price, and begin working your budget.

4. Cut!

Do you think I need a trim or should I go full Kaley Cuoco?

Cut your ideas back until you settle on a plan suited for you and your partner. 

Disclaimer: cutting back your must-have ideas can lead to mixed feelings; like missing sugar when you cut those sweet calories immediately after joining My Fitness Pal seeing the real value of a Pop Tart.

5. Lighten up for a lightning speed event.

Your home décor is beautifully simple and refreshing, how do I refine all my clutter?

Begin to refine your wedding plans relaxing and lightning your event to add elegance, ease your budget, and reduce your “to do” list. If you use a wedding planner, then consider whether lessening their “to do” list will help them serve you better. Remove items not likely to benefit your guests enough to justify the time and cost. Every couple is different, but consider the following examples: whether you need a photo booth or custom lighting, or whether you should keep the live music and do away with the open bar? After all, lighter is better when the event will fly by at lightening speed.

Love your wedding plans, love your wedding, love your future.

Kristin MillerComment