Frequently Asked Questions

What is an InMotion Album?

InMotion Albums offers the first ever touch and feel all-in-one tangible album that safely stores and showcases all print and digital memories together. Yes, even your videos. Every page is designed to automatically sync with your digital files allowing you to see and hear the moment just by turning a page.

How does an InMotion Album work exactly?

We combined a touch and feel book with art quality paper alongside a high-definition digital display skillfully attached to the bottom right hand corner of every album. The fully patented page sync technology does all the work for you. Simply turn the page and your video and digital image library automatically turns with you!

When will I be able to order my first InMotion Album?

As of April 2017, we are working to kickoff a new manufacturing plan. We plan to make our first 500 albums by February, 2018.

How much does an album cost?

InMotion's unique print & digital combination is currently under final negotiation. Please check back soon for our pricing updates.

Which devices do you need to upload digital images and videos?

To upload your photos and videos, you will need any PC or Mac computer.

I have more questions, how can I contact InMotion Albums?

Please email us today at info@inmotionalbums.com