how can I buy an inmotion album?

Because InMotion is the first and only print and digital photo book, we are working hard to make the final designs perfect for you and your family. By September, 2019, it is our goal to make your first albums available for purchase right here on this website. In the meantime, please sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our manufacturing progress. 

how much will it cost?

The InMotion team is still negotiating final costs with our suppliers, but rest assured we are working around the clock to offer the best prices possible. Be the first to hear our updates including pricing updates by following us on Facebook or Twitter; we're making updates all the time.

Will it be easy to set up and use?

Set up is simple.

Step 1) Set up your display:

Login to our custom website application from any PC or Mac, then create a password. From there, you will be instantly transported to a screen that lets choose your digital images and videos.  Simply begin dragging and dropping the videos and digital images you want to appear in the display. Here's a hint - the tabs on the left - those correspond with each page in the album. Tab one (1) appears on page one (1) in the album. Once you're done choosing your pictures and videos, it's time to turn on your album!


Step 2) Set up your album:

Power on your InMotion Album! Make sure your Wi-Fi is connected. Then, log in with the same username and password you just created. Watch your media instantly sync!

Now it's time for your printed pictures! Go ahead, the blank pages are your canvas, fill them up as you wish. Remember that each printed page will sync to the digital media, so this is your chance to tell your whole story, videos and all.

You're all set! Simply power on, turn the pages, and enjoy your videos with your printed pictures in a new album that is pure magic.