Bringing Together Photos and Digital Media into One-Of-A-Kind Photo Books

InMotion Albums began as an innovative, yet practical product that is designed to revolutionize photo sharing. We all love the visual, tactile, and sharable quality of printed photos and photo books. In fact, Shutterfly has become a household name, proving that even in our digitally-driven age, people still crave the experiences they receive from printed photographs. However, for our own family, digital media and videos have become just as important to our memory-keeping as classic photography. We craved seeing and hearing those special experiences, but found that more often than not, they remained in our computers, smartphones, and tablets. How could we make those media just as accessible and enjoyable as a printed photos and photo books? Could we bring all of our favorite photos and videos together and make a photo book that gives individuals and families the best of both worlds?

Thus, InMotion Albums was born, and we created the first hybrid print and digital photo album that seamlessly integrates your photos and videos into a unique multimedia experience. We imagined a book in which you could see your daughter’s first birthday picture right alongside a video of her first steps. We believe than InMotion Albums provide an immersive experience that satisfies all of the senses, while also helping people make the most of their digital devices. 

As we continue to develop our products, we’ve seen just how many diverse ways in which InMotion Albums can spark creativity. Their utility goes beyond simple scrapbooking; from travel journals to family histories, learning tools to personalized gifts, our products will change the way you think about photo books. We want to inspire people, while finally bringing a synthesis between print and digital media, especially when it comes to those special memories. 

As we finalize development on the best custom photo books, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so that you’ll be the first to know our final release dates. With InMotion Albums, you will embrace the next generation of photo sharing, and finally capture all of your best memories in one unique place.